Here are some of our creations :

Cacao nib chocolate mousse: Mousse filled inbetween the layers of Chocolate chiffon cake covered with chocolate glaze.

Mango mousse: Mousse filled inbetween the layers of vanilla chiffon cake covered with mango glaze.

El dorado:Choice of pear orchampagne mousse with handcrafted passion fruit cake outside finished withglaze on top.

Carrot cake: Baked with pecans, Raisins and pineapple coveredwith cream icing outside.

Cheese Cakes(Available with crust or Gluten free):

Crusts: Graham,Chocolate & Oreo.

Filling:Vanilla, Chocolate or Oreo.

CF SignatureCakes

-        Pineapple Chiffon

-        Black Forest

-        Chocolate Truffle

-   Tiramisu

Opera Cake: Layers of hazelnut cake filled withmocha butter cream, chocolate ganache and feuilletine crunch finished with hardchocolate on top.

Eggless Cakes

-  Black forest

- Vanilla (fresh fruits)

Chocolate truffle

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