Breakfast Menu

(Weekday Hours: 8am-11am)

(Weekend Hours: 9am-2pm)

Petit Déjeuner

Toast and Jam   10                                                       

(Two slices of brioche toast served  with berry compote, and a Choice of Coffee or Orange Juice )

CF Petit Dejeuner   12                                                                                            

(Choice of Croissant or muffin with, Café latte and fresh fruit yogurt parfait)

BELT **    11 

(Bacon, egg omelette, lettuce, tomato  and mayo with cheddar cheese on   pain de mie)

                  Sweet Side**

Buttermilk Pancakes     12                                                                                 

(Add bacon or fresh fruits - $5 each)                                                                                                                            

(Two house made buttermilk pancakes, served with vanilla chantilly cream, berry compote and maple syrup)      Substitute : Blueberry or Raspberry Pancakes - $1

Croffles(croissant waffle)      11 

(Add bacon or fresh fruits - $5 each) 

(Two house made croffles , served with vanilla chantilly cream, berry compote and maple syrup) 

Brioche French Toast   15                                                                                 

(Two pieces of house made Brioche French toast with candied seeds, fresh fruits, vanilla Chantilly cream and maple syrup)

Yogurt Parfait          7                                                                                             

(Our house-made organic mix berry compote with Greek yogurt and fresh fruits)


Quiche or Omelette du jour  16

(Served  with side of pan roasted potatoes or seasonal fruits)

Classic Breakfast      13            

(Upgrade to croissant- $1.50)                                                     

(Two sunnyside eggs with, one slice brioche toast, pan roasted potatoes tossed  in extra virgin olive oil and alder wood smoked bacon or Avocado)


Cheese Omelette     15 

(French omelette, alderwood smoked bacon, one slice brioche toast with  pan roasted potatoes tossed in extra virgin olive oil)


CF Breakfast**            19                                                                  

(Oven baked bacon & cheese omelette, one slice  Brioche French toast and yogurt parfait)                                       


Benedicts      19

(All Benedict's are served with two Sunnyside eggs on house baked croissant (available GF), with house made hollandaise, side of pan roasted potatoes and fresh seasonal fruits) 


-Avocado Croissant Benedict


-Smoked Salmon Croissant Benedict


-Bacon Croisant Bennedict





Fresh Avocado -$4,

Pan roasted potatoes - $3,

Avocado -4,

Bacon (2 strips) -4,

Smoked Salmon (2 slices) -$6,

Grilled Shrimps (5 pieces) - $6





House recommended (**),

Gluten free (gf), Vegetarian (v) Substitutions politely declined || Allergies happily accommodated

  Lunch Menu (10:30 am-2:30 pm)       




             (Served with brioche bun)

Cup                                                  6                                                                       

Bowl                                                  11


Stew in a Vol-au-vent                   

(Seasonal Stew Filled in a Puff Pastry Bowl)



           (All salads are gluten free)


Café Français Salad(v)         14                   

(Organic Fresh greens, Feta crumble, Candied Sunflower Seeds, Sundried Cranberries and tri color peppers with house vinaigrette dressing)



Apple Coleslaw(v)                  14                                                                           

(Green and red cabbage, carrot, apple, raisin and house made coleslaw dressing)

Cobb Salad             18

(Choice of Grilled Shrimps or Chicken)   

(Organic Fresh greens, cherry tomatoes, tri colour peppers, hard boiled egg , avocado, and feta crumble with Creamy lemon vinaigrette dressing)



Warm Potato salad with Shrimps     17                                                       (Pan roasted potatoes with bacon chips, corn kernels tossed in ceamy sauce baked with grilled shrimps and three cheese)    


Café Francais Salad                                17


Soup of the day




(All Bowls are Served on Basmati Brown Rice topped with sunnyside egg and your choice of protein accompanied by veggies and sauce)


Meat Rice Bowl(gf) (v)                   17            

(Lettuce, red cabbage, radish pickle,   julienne carrots and broccoli)


Choose one :

-          Teriyaki Beef; Ginger soy housemade sauce

-          Pork; Bbq chilli housemade sauce

-          Chicken; Teriyaki chilli housemade sauce

-          Shrimp; Teriyaki ginger soy housemade sauce


Veggie Rice Bowl(gf) (v)              16                                                                               

(Lettuce, Fresh baby spinach, Tri-color peppers, cherry tomatoes, seasonal beans, and Feta crumble)


Choose one :

-          Avocado; Creamy lemon housemade sauce

-          Tofu ; Ginger soy housemade sauce


Quiches/Omelettes 16       

(Served with green salad or Soup of the day)

-          Bacon and cheese

-          Spinach, sundried tomato and tri color peppers

-          Chicken, spinach and tricolor pepper

-          Smoked Salmon and spinach with capers

-          Shrimp, spinach and jalapeno pickle



Sandwiches :

(Add- Organic house salad/Soup of the day $3.50each)

 Substitute gluten free bread +$ 1


Caprese (v)(add egg $1.50)                    11

(Sliced fresh mozzarella, sliced tomatoes, lettuce and balsamic reductions drizzle with pesto on artisan Baguette)


Avocado Feta Toastie**                       10

(Avocado, lettuce, feta crumble, with teriyak idrizzle and Creamy pesto spread on toasted Organic pain de mie)


Sour dough Grilled Cheese               11

(Sour dough grilled with Canadian medium cheddar cheese)


Bbq Pork Sliders                                  14

(Marinated Pork with lettuce and coleslaw, bbq chilli  sauce drizzle with mayonnaise on house made brioche bun)


Teriyaki Beef  Sliders**                     15

(Add sliced cheddar cheese -$3)                                                                                                            

(Teriyaki beef with lettuce, sliced tomato, pickled radish and teriyaki sauce drizzle with mayonnaise on house made brioche bun)


Croque-Monsieur**                            12

(Our house baked brioche with ham and Swiss cheese topped with béchamel sauce and mozzarella cheese)

Grilled Chicken                                    12  

(Grilled chicken breast, Swiss cheese, sliced tomatoes,lettuce & sundried cranberries with mustard mayonnaise on artisan Baguette)


Smoked Salmon                                 14

(Smoked wild sockeye salmon lox, lettuce, capers and sour cream with Dijon mustard on house baked croissant)


Egg Salad croissant          11  

(Egg ssalad mixed with mayonnaise and seasoning on croissant) 


Quick-Pick              14

(Half sandwich served with house salad and soup of the day)                                             

 (Choices: Egg Salad on Brioche or Sour dough grilled cheese)




(Our pizza dough is hand made from scratch in house on Organic whole wheat)


BBQ Pork                16

(Marinated pork, tri-colour peppers, Jalapeño pickle with mozzarella, cheddar cheese and monterey jack on housemade Bbq sauce and mayonnaise drizzle)


Teriyaki Beef**            18

(Marinated Beef, broccoli with mozzarella, cheddar cheese and monterey jackon, teriyaki sauce and mayonnaise drizzle)


Chicken Alfredo            16

(Chicken Breast, spinach, tri-colour peppers with mozzarella, cheddar cheese and monterey jack on béchamel sauce)


Caprese**         16

(Fresh mozzarella, sundried tomatoes on basil pesto and balsamic drizzle)





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