Soup Du Jour:   

Cup                                                                                                         5

Bowl (served with brioche bun)                                                             9                  

Stew in a Vol-au-vent**                                                                       12

(Our signature house made stew of the day filled in French puff pastry)                        

Salad Du Jour:

Café Français Salad        (gf) (v)     11.95                           

(Fresh greens, gruyere cheese, candied sunflower seeds, red wine cranberries and  red peppers with house vinaigrette dressing)

 Potato Gratin Salad        (gf)      14.95                          

(Pan roasted potatoes with bacon chips, green onions and corn kernels served with grilled prawns and cheese) 

  Chicken Cobb Salad** (gf   16.95                                 

(Lettuce, avocado, chicken, cherry tomatoes, boiled egg slices and fresh mozzarella with sesame-ginger dressing)

Quiche/Omelette Du Jour (Quiches are served with side of house salad | Omelettes are served with brioche bun and house salad)               

        - Bacon and cheese(Quiche: 12.95;Omelette: 11.95)

-       - Ham and green onions(Quiche: 12.95;Omelette: 11.95)

-       - Asparagus and cherrytomatoes(Quiche: 14.95; Omelette 12.95)

-       - Chicken, spinachwith gruyere and red pepper(Quiche: 14.95;Omelette 12.95)

-       - Salmon and spinachwith capers (Quiche: 14.95; Omelette 12.95)


Sandwich Selections

(All sandwiches are served with side ofhouse salad)

(Please ask for gluten free bread)

Croque Monsieur** 13.95                                                            

(Our house baked brioche with ham and Swiss cheese topped with béchamel sauce and  mozzarella cheese)

Grilled Chicken 14.95                                                                                    

 (Grilled Chicken and Swiss cheese, tomato, red wine cranberries and lettuce with mustard mayo on Focaccia)

Caprese (v)   (add hardboiled egg  $1.50)  13.45

(Sliced fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, micro basil and balsamic reduction with pesto on Focaccia)

Smoked Salmon    13.95

(Smoked wild sockeye salmon, capers, sour cream and lettuce with dijon mustard on house baked croissant)

Crab Viking      13.95

(Imitation crab meat and mayonnaise with lettuce on house baked croissant)

QuickPick**    12.95

(Half sandwich served with house salad and soup of the day)

(Choices: Egg Salad or Ham and cheese on Brioche)       



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