Weekday Menu (10:30 am-2:30 pm)                                                           

Soup (Served with brioche bun)

Cup   6

Bowl    11


Café Francais Salad + Soup of the day      17                                                                        




Cf  Rice Bowl (gf) (v) (Add: Avocado or Teriyaki Beef -$5)    14       

(Brown rice, Tri-color peppers, cherry tomatoes, edamame beans, daikon pickle, egg noodles and pickled cucumber with soy ginger 

Cobb Salad (Choice of Grilled Shrimps or Chicken)  (gf)    18         

(Heritage greens, cherry tomatoes, red peppers, boiled egg slices, avocado     and fresh mozzarella with lemon champagne vinaigrette dressing)

 Warm Potato salad with Shrimps(gf)        17                                        

 (Pan roasted potatoes with bacon chips, green onions and corn kernels         baked with grilled shrimps and mozzarella cheese curds)

 Café Français Salad  (gf)  (v)    14                                                              

 (Fresh greens, gruyère cheese, candied sunflower seeds, red wine cranberries  and red peppers with house vinaigrette dressing) 

Quiches/Omelettes    16                                                                      (Served with house salad or Soup of the day)                                                    

-  Bacon andcheese                                                                                  

-  Spinach, sundriedtomato and red pepper with gruyère  

 -  Asparagus and cherry tomatoes 

-  Chicken, spinach with gruyere and red pepper

-  Salmon and spinach with capers                                                                  

Sandwich Selections

(All sandwiches are served with side of house salad)

(Please ask for gluten free bread)

Croque Monsieur**                                                             

(Our house baked brioche with ham and Swiss cheese topped with béchamel sauce and  mozzarella cheese)

Sour dough GrilledCheese**                                                                             

(Sourdough grilled with Canadian medium cheddar cheese)                                                                                                                      

Grilled Chicken                                                                                     

 (Grilled Chicken and Swiss cheese, tomato, red wine cranberries and lettuce with mustard mayo on Focaccia)

Caprese (v)     

(Sliced fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, micro basil and balsamic reduction with pesto on Focaccia)

Smoked Salmon    

(Smoked wild sockeye salmon, capers, sour cream and lettuce with dijon mustard on house baked croissant)

Egg Salad Croissant   

(Eggs salad with lettuce on house baked croissant)  

Beef Sliders**                                                                                                              

(Teriyaki beef with lettuce, tomato,pickled radish, mayonnaisewith teriyaki sauce on house made brioche)

Quick Pick**    

(Half sandwich served with house salad and soup of the day)

(Choices: Egg Salad or Grilled Cheese on Brioche)    

 BRUNCH MENU (Saturday and Sunday)

                (9 am- 2:30 pm)

Classic Breakfast (choice of avocado or bacon)                             

(Two sunny side eggs with house baked croissant, roasted potatoes tossed in extra virgin olive oil and apple wood smoked bacon)     15

Cheese Omelette**                                                                           

(Egg Roulade, apple wood smoked bacon, 1 slice brioche toast with roasted potatoes tossed in extra virgin olive oil)        15

Brioche French Toast                                                                                 

(House baked brioche French toast with candied seeds, fresh fruits, Chantilly cream and maple syrup)        15

Croque Madame                                                                                                

(Our signature Ham and Swiss cheese sandwich, made on our house baked brioche, topped with sunny side egg and mozzarella cheese served with house salad)  16

Avocado Croissant Bennie                                                                        

(Two sunny side eggs, avocado and hollandaise on house baked croissant with roasted potatoes tossed in extra virgin olive oil and fresh fruits)   18

Salmon Croissant Bennie                                                                         

(Two sunny side eggs with smoked salmon lox and hollandaise on house baked  croissant with roasted potatoes tossed in extra virgin olive oil and fresh fruits)   19

Croissant Breakfast**                                                                                  

(Egg Roulade, apple wood smoked bacon and hollandaise on house baked croissant    with roasted potatoes tossed in extra virgin olive oil, and house made yogurt parfait)       19

CF Breakfast**                                                                                                        

(Oven baked bacon & cheese omelette, 1 Brioche French toast and yogurt parfait)      19                       

Yogurt Parfait                                                                                               

 (Our house-made organic mix berry compote with Greek yogurt and fresh fruits)        7

Build-A-Breakfast:                 13                                         

(Made to order: all orders come with 2 Sunny side eggs on English muffin topped with hollandaise and choose one item from each list below)

1.     Protein (Bacon, Asparagus)

2.   Side (Pan roasted potatoes, Fruit Salad, House Salad)








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